the easiest way to say Thanks on Twitter

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This service is super simple and super useful. If you got a lot of retweets of your tweets or replies to your question, it's nice to say 'Thanks'. TwThanks makes that easy. Maybe even too easy.

how it works

  1. People help you on Twitter, or retweet your tweet
  2. Come here and sign in with Twitter
  3. Choose people you want to thank
  4. Thank them all with just one click!

when to use it

  1. For replies, retweets and mentions
  2. To say "thanks" to more than one person at the time
  3. All the time, because it is important to be nice

take a look

It's free. It's easy. It's safe: we don't post anything on your behalf unless you explicitly click the "post tweet" button.

You can explore as much as you want without pressing the "post tweet" button. You always see the preview of the tweet being posted.
You can revoke the access any time. Just go to Twitter's Settings and "Revoke access".
You can even delete the posted tweets. Find them on your timeline and click "Delete".

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